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Creating exceptional teams from extraordinary individuals

Examples of recent coaching projects

Performance coach for a senior executive team

This senior executive team had been created to provide drive and leadership. A group of dynamic and experienced individuals, they came with strong backgrounds and proven track records – however, some underlying frustrations were affecting the team dynamic. Once this was recognised, we worked with them as a group and individually to identify where they were sabotaging performance, allowing them to enjoy their differences and see them as strengths. This meant the group could set clear and shared objectives to reach their full potential.

Coaching a newly appointed sales manager

We met our client, who had been headhunted, at the end of their induction and helped clarify some immediate goals. We made sure the insights gained in the early months stayed on their radar even when the executive became enmeshed in day-to-day operations. Further telephone coaching and meetings held after one, three and six months saw a return on the recruitment investment and yielded a valuable commercial advantage.


Accompanying field managers to stores or sites gives us the opportunity to help them understand their own impact, but also provides insights into how the team’s performance can positively influence process, people and profit. Our considerable operational experience means we can challenge performance on a practical level when observing, giving feedback and setting goals.

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